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Thursday, April 8, 2004 Well, I'm off to California, everyone! See you all when I get back on Saturday! ^_^ Yay for Spring Break!!

Monday, April 5, 2004
Shaking - Rooney

Saturday, April 3, 2004
Part of that World - The Little Mermaid
Oh my god, guys! I'm alive again! After like four days, I have my computer again! ::glee!!:: Isn't it so exciting? Definitely :D
Let's see. Oh! It's been really hot recently :D YAY! Sarah came over today and we walked up to Good Shepherd and took pictures XD It was fun! I showed my dad them and he laughed really hard XD Har har har!!
Bye for now- I'm tired.

Saturday, March 27, 2004
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
New layout, everybody! Yay for Ryutarou! :D Nothing much to say - I'm making a cool new bag! I'll post pictures eventually.... :D The end!

Wednesday, March 24, 2004
I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness
Oh my gosh, all you peoples! Guess what I've been doing? I've been inking pages after pages of Kii Din! That's right! I'm half way through Chapter 5, then On to Chapter 6 I shall go!! What does all this mean? It means that IT SHALL BE BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE. That's right, kidses, Kii Din is going to be revived. Scouts honor!!
On another note, I felt really sick today after lunch O_<. Seriously - I had the WORST splitting headache, and I could barely stay awake, then when we were driving home I got carsick... Murr! BUT! While driving home, there was this HUGE scooner sailboat thing in the water, and we got to see it! I LOVE BOATS :D
Tired. Eating Saltines. THey are so good. Mmm. I've been obsessive over Harry Potter recently O_o. Someone shoot me! What's WRONG with me?!
I gotta look up Langston Hughes for a project. bye byes.

Sunday, March 21, 2004
Two Princes - Spin Doctors
Ohmygawd everyone! Lookit! I'm alive! Why haven't I been posting? Well, that's a good question. The long and short of it is well... I just haven't felt like it. Har har. I know, that sounds totally awful, and extremely lazy, but alas, it is true. But here I am again! Whee!!
People never talk to me any more. I feel like I've died from the online world. Nuts. The only ones who talk to me are Miyuki, Wusai and my little sister. Pathetic! Oh well. Planning on putting a new layout up soon - who should it be?!
I saw Return of the King again yesterday, to make it the 5th time. Hoorah! It was still just as good as the first time I saw it, except this time it came with the bomb-est set of previews ever! Can we say Spiderman 2 (which I probably won't see), TROY (WHICH I AM SEEING ASAP), and Harry Potter 3 (Which looks good - which is saying ALOT for a Harry Potter movie!). Omigosh, I'm just so excited.
What else what else... I gave up junk food for Lent and I just realized the other day that I've lost seven pounds! Hooray!! Isn't that just super?!
I've got Math Day tomorrow, which I'll probably just spend going to Tower Records on the Ave, and then I don't have school Friday, so this week could prove to be pretty bomb. Yay!
BTW - new (but not so new) link - Bea! I had her linked a long long time ago, and for some reason, the link just vanished O_o. Oh well. It's back!

Monday, March 8, 2004
Off the Rail - Notwist
Its 70 degrees outside, and I'm stuck here doing math homework. Yeah, I pretty much want to shoot myself. Yay! I have a math test tomorrow, and I have no clue about any of it. Seriously. It's gonna blow really bad; for real.
On the plus side, I talked to Kerry last night (my best friend in California). I told her we were coming down for Spring Break and she flipped out! We're both so excited!! We're going to make a movie, too. It's gonna be totally awesome. Oh yeah.
Midorichi: I can totally still make you that layout. Sorry it took so long. I promise I'll have it ready by Saturday. I think I accidentally deleted the email you sent me with the info you wanted - what was the title of the blog again? And can you HTML-code it, or shall I?
::sigh:: Spring Break. Next Month. I hope I live that long.

Saturday, March 6, 2004
The something Pirate - the Arrogant Worms
Right. So I've been up since 6:45. Thats sick and wrong for a Saturday, isn't it? Anyway, I went to a Knowledge Bowl tournament, and it went pretty well. Our good team made it to State - something no one's done in 10 years! Our team was doing really well until the last round, when we only got 2 points. Alas.
Jina: I dunno how I get my layouts so abstract O-o. I just open up Photoshop and try to make something that I could stare at for a few weeks. Heh. Midorichi: I'm so sorry! Do you still want me to make you a layout? I'm such a failure >_< Murr!!!
I love new music. I've been listening to tons of Mp3s I've been downloading lately... Its awesome :D If I had my way, I'd spend all my money on new music... Hee hee. Anyway.

Wednesday, March 3, 2004
Saturday - Fall Out Boy
New layout, everyone! Do you like it? I do! It's Dom, Elijah and Billy - my boys! XD Har har har. I'm in a really good mood today, despite being behind in Chemistry and Math. I'm gonna fix that soon, though. Hoorah! I had fun talking with Miyuki at service today, so I guess that contributed to my good mood. I also had a pretty good day, and I'm all psyched to write my research paper! Finally!
Now all I need to worry about is my comic, since I've only actually inked like 1.3 pages... out of 19. Yay. That's okay - if I do 1.3 every day, I'll be up to about 4 by the weekend, when I can really turn up the torque and manage to churn out the whole thing (I hope!). That'll take a while. Maybe I'll watch The Fellowship of the Ring AND The Two Towers; the extended editions. In a row! I've never done THAT before XD. Woo - what an adventure.
I dunno what else to say. Oh! I wanna get wipeout up eventually, too! I randomly got an urge to do that - maybe I will put that up as soon as I finish the comic! Will you still let me, CTR? XD I promise I'll be a good host~!